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Servant Keeper Church Member Database

Emory Church uses Servant Keeper to stay up to date on members and visitors. Below are some easy steps to view and update your member records.

Online Member Directory Instructions


The Online Member Directory is where you go to view photos and contact information for other members of the church.  It is NOT the portal where you go to update your own contact information.

To View the Online Member Directory From Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet:
  1. From your phone, computer or tablet browser, go to
    (They don’t have an app. If using a mobile device, you must view it from your browser.)

  2. For the password, contact the church office at 410-452-5220.  Ask for the Online Member Directory password (not the Member Portal password, which is one you create yourself).

To Create a Home Screen Shortcut to the Online Member Directory On Your Smartphone or Tablet:

Creating a Shortcut for Android (For Step 2 in the instructions, go to

Creating a Shortcut for Apple (For Step 2 in the instructions, go to

Member Portal Instructions


The Member Portal is where you go to update your own personal contact information in the church database, and set your communications preferences.

To Login to the Member Portal To Update Your Member Information and Communications Preferences:
  1. Login to the Online Member Directory at using those directions which may be found on this page.

  2. Make sure you know the email address used on your primary family profile in Servant Keeper. If you have multiple email addresses in your family and you aren’t sure which one was used as the primary family profile email, here’s how you can find out:

    • Make sure the “Family” button is highlighted, then search your last name. You may have to click the search result to open it and view the details.  You will be able to view the email address on your family profile here.

  3. Go to the very bottom of the screen, click “Manage My Family Info” and login:

    • Enter the email address used in your primary family profile.

    • If you already know the password which you created, enter it and proceed to login. (Note: this is a password you create, NOT the password issued by the church. It is not the same password as for the Online Member Directory)

    • If you don’t know the password (or have never created one), click “Forgot Your password?”.  Go check your email and use the link in the email to set your password.

Notes About Updating Your Online Profile In The Member Portal:
  • There are some updates that the system will not allow you to make yourself. If that happens, please let the church office know and we will make those updates for you.

  • Don’t forget to visit your Family Profile as well as the profile for each individual family member to verify information and make updates.

  • Upload pictures of your family and individual family members if they aren’t already there (or if you want different ones).

  • Make sure to visit the “Involvement” tab for EACH family member individually to update the Communication Preferences, Willing to Serve and Allergies sections.

  • Please know – all information is permission based.  If you want (or do not want) to publish information about your family, set the appropriate controls.

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